How to Design a Creative Office Space

Published on 14/05/2019

Creative office space design

If you’ve been reading about office design trends recently, you will no doubt have stumbled upon the creative office. This is basically an office space full of urban office furniture and funky designs, which is anything but traditional. 

The idea behind a creative office is that it is geared up for, basically, creative thinking! Collaboration, brainstorming, new ideas, creativity in general - these are all aims of the creative office space, and it is also there to provide a relaxing and experiential impact too. 

A creative office space doesn’t play by the rules, so you could easily have colour clashes, patterns, textures, a white modern office desk next to a huge biophilic living wall, bringing the outdoor space inside, and anything else you can think of. This is a design which inspires creative thinking, agile working, but also ensures that the office space is functional and allows work to be done. A creative office space is inspiring, productive, focuses on morale and wellness at the same time. 

In order to allow new ideas to flow, all basic boxes need to be ticked in terms of functionality, so perhaps think about stand height tables, booths, large tables for brainstorming, or a boardroom desk with cable management, and modular office furniture solutions for breakout areas. 

Any business looking to be innovative and focus on the experience of the workplace should certainly think about creative office spaces. 

What do you think about these types of offices?


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