How to Encourage a Team Working Environment

Published on 16/04/2019

Encourage a Team Working Environment

Teamwork has long been one of the most popular ways to create a higher level of morale within an office, and a ‘one for all and all for one’ vision. If your office could do with a little more team work involvement, it’s actually far easier to tray and encourage this way of working than you might think. 

Humans by nature are conversational and sociable beings. Whilst some might not be as chatty as others, we want to belong, and a team is something we can belong to. Making sure that your office is laid out for team work is far easier than you might think. How about office bench desks, so people can sit together and brainstorm ideas? If you have a new employee joining the office, this team-working environment will be far easier to integrate into than a more individualised approach too. It’s win win all around!

Think about co-working spaces as one good example. These spaces allow different types of tasks to be completed but the whole vibe is social and collaborative. A series of co-working desks could help to encourage this collaborative vibe, or a breakout area, where staff can go to discuss ideas, or simply for a quick time out. 

Office furniture placement is key in how the office feels, and that is also the case with creating a more team-working environment, but it’s not the whole story. Create your own teams of staff you feel will work together well, have lighthearted competitions between teams and ensure the office has a more laid-back feel. 

All of this will go a long way to encouraging team work. 

Do you work in a team environment?

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