How to establish a famous office

Published on 28/10/2016

Here at Calibre Office Furniture and Interiors Ltd, we like to think that we are experts when it comes to fitting out offices with the highest quality goods at affordable prices. No matter what your office furniture needs may be, we will have the knowledge and products to suit your requirements. Indeed, we are so confident about our knowledge of offices that we have compiled a tongue in cheek guide on how to set up and establish a famous office. 

OK, so you may not have achieved the same amount of fame and recognition as Barack Obama or Simon Cowell yet, but that should not stop you on your pursuit of world domination. Here is our guide on how to set up a famous office.

1. Location, location, location.
At the risk of sounding like an annoying property TV series, location really does matter when it comes to establishing your famous office. Nobody is going to aspire to be someone who works at the back of a factory on a non-descript industrial estate - oh no! It is your job to think big and find the best premises that you can possibly afford. This does not necessarily mean the biggest premises though. 

James Caan, the famous ‘Dragon’s Den’ investor, first set up his business by hiring a broom cupboard in the prestigious Pall Mall area of London. He knew the value of having a good address, and whenever he had to meet new clients he would take them to the local coffee shop as he’d claim that his office was too busy to talk in!

2. Purpose
Your office should have a clear purpose. Iconic offices such as 10 Downing Street and the White House have extremely clear purposes in that they exist to run government affairs. Unfortunately, this does mean that if you want to be famous for running a governmental office in the UK or US you may have to go exploring and discover a new country. Once you have decided upon the purpose of your office you should make sure that you choose the right contemporary office furniture, as this will help cement the image and brand of your company.

3. Staff
Once your office is secured and modern office furniture installed, you will probably need some staff to go in it. At the beginning of your world domination plan you may find that it is just yourself in the office. However, when the time comes to hire some extra staff, make sure that you get the very best people that you possibly can. It will help your wish to be famous if you manage to hire somebody who is already famous. However, be aware that such people may need to be dealt with further down the line if they begin to challenge your role as chief of your famous office!

4. Publicity
Once your office is up and running you will need publicity in order to achieve fame. Alas, how you achieve that fame is entirely up to you!

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