How to Handle Promotion Rejection in a Healthy Way

Published on 14/08/2019


How do you cope when rejection comes your way?

One of the most common rejection situations in the workplace is around promotion. 

Perhaps you went for a promotion, sitting around the boardroom furniture being grilled in an interview, and you thought you had a great shot at getting it, but in the end, they decided to go with someone else. It’s disappointing, for sure, but it’s important to handle that rejection in the right way, to avoid it damaging your chances of success in the future. 

Check out this video for some useful pointers. 

Sitting at your office workstation becoming negative and down about the issue is not going to help. Instead, you need to pick yourself up, be positive, and work harder to make sure you get it the next time. 

Of course, maybe you don’t want a promotion and you’ve been passed over for a new task that you wanted the responsibility of completing. Either way, a positive mindset is a way forward.

Have you dealt with promotion rejection before?

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