How to Rearrange Your Schedule When an Urgent Task Comes Your Way

Published on 21/08/2019


It can be extremely frustrating when you’ve spent time organising your workload, only for an urgent task to come your way and throw your plans up in the air.

It’s a common scenario, but it’s important to stay calm and simply plan again.

The urgent task must come first, unless there is another task which is far more urgent than that one. Remember, when you’re sat at your office chairs prioritising your workload, urgent and important tasks are done first, with everything else working down from there. 

Reassess your prioritised to do list and see if you can delegate anything, if anything can wait until tomorrow, or if there is anything which is literally going to take five minutes and can be done quickly, there and then. 

From there, breathe, stay calm, take a minute to regroup and then focus. You can do this! 

It’s normal for a day at your office desk to go a little awry from time to time, but it’s how you deal with the upheaval that counts.

How do you cope with urgent tasks coming your way?

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