How to Utilise Space Dividers in The Best Way Possible

Published on 10/06/2019

Space dividers

A large open plan office isn’t always the most productive of settings. You have many people in one area, noise is usually an issue, distractions are always evident, and when one person sneezes, everyone gets a cold. 

Despite that, open plan offices are still one of the most popular types of office layouts. 

If you have an open plan office, there is a very clever way you can utilise office partition screens, acoustic panels and space dividers to solve many of the problems we just mentioned. Why not create zones and add a little storage space at the same time?

Office desks don’t need to be continuous, and they can easily be arranged to create quiet areas, brainstorming areas, learning areas, chill out areas, all with the use of a screen or space divider. You can opt for desk mounted options, or go for full on floor screens – the choice is yours!

All you need do then is use collaborative office furniture in your brainstorming areas, make use of acoustic panels and privacy options for the quiet zone, and furnish your breakout spaces in a fun and creative way. All of this can be done with the help of a humble space divider, creating maximum productivity in your office space!

What do you think of this handy office design hack?


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