How Well Do You Cope With Change?

Published on 14/08/2019


A successful business often has to make small or medium-sized changes here and there, in order to remain competitive and ensure optimum productivity. 

How those changes are implemented can be the difference between continued success, and a road leading towards failure. Employees may not cope well with change, and it’s important that employers keep everyone informed and ask for opinions wherever possible. By doing this, you’re helping to battle the potential anxiety of your employees at their office workstations, and you might even find a few useful ideas coming your way too. 

As an employee, do you feel you handle change well, or do you worry? Check out this video for some useful tips on how to survive changes in the workplace

If employers can handle change in the most sensitive of ways, and employees can learn to see these situations as opportunities rather than a threat, change in the workplace can be navigated successfully. 

Can you think of any other useful ways to handle change?

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