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Published on 28/10/2016

Open plan offices are great. They’re space saving, which is good news for your bottom line, and they can also promote collaborative and integrated working among your employees.

The only trouble is, these working environments can get a little noisy. If you’re not careful, your personnel can be distracted by each others’ discussions, and this may cause productivity to dip. Also, sometimes people prefer a little privacy. For example, they may not want to be in full public glare during important or confidential meetings.


This is where office screens come into their own. Here at Calibre we specialise in providing superb items of contemporary office furniture and, as well as selling attractive and functional desks, tables and chairs, we provide special screens.

These items are so easy to install and use, and they could have tremendous benefits for your organisation. You can use them to separate different departments in order to reduce noise or to create designated meeting areas.


One of the attractions of these screens is the fact they’re so adaptable. Whenever your firm’s requirements change, you can simply shift these items around or move them out of the way. You have complete freedom to do what you like.

Basically office screens allow you to have your cake and eat it. You can cordon off certain areas as and when you want to and, the rest of the time, you can benefit from a wide open space.

Decisions decisions

The only difficult thing is deciding which of our screens to go for. Perhaps you’ll fancy getting products from our Archimede-3D range. These curved creations have real elegance and style. Like all our screens, they’re far more than just functional. They’re designed to enhance the look of working spaces too and they can be the perfect complement to modern office furniture.

Then there’s our Tamaris Range to check out. These funky designs are bound to wow your staff members and visitors alike. They have a playful look and could be just what you’re office needs.

Another one to watch is our Archimede-Metal collection. These screens have a classy look and may be the perfect reflection of your firm’s professionalism. They’re also ideal for creating meeting spaces.

In addition, it’s worth having a peak at our Arianna Modular Screens. Arianna is an innovative modular system of accessories, screens and display units. These can easily be customised with screen printing or digital printing, which is excellent from a branding point of view.

Meanwhile, for decorative purposes, you can’t go wrong with our Geko range. These products are at the cutting edge of contemporary design.

A little imagination

It’s amazing how much offices can be improved with a little imagination and creative thinking. By replacing old chairs, desks and so on with innovative new office furniture and adding some stylish and eye-catching screens, you can transform the look of your working space. You could also boost productivity among your workers.

To check out all of our products, just take a look around our website.


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