Is a Tablet Ever a Suitable Replacement For a Laptop?

Published on 14/08/2019


Most people own three types of tech these days - a phone, a tablet, and a laptop. If you want to streamline your tech, have you ever thought about doing away with your laptop and using your tablet instead?

Tablets these days are more powerful than ever before, and in some cases, they can be used for work at office desks. Of course, apps aren’t always as useful as a full software package, and it really depends on the type of work you need to do, in terms of whether a tablet will be enough.

For instance, if you are regularly using a laptop for word processing, you may find having to purchase a Bluetooth keyboard and use that with your tablet turned on its side a little cumbersome. This also means you need to work on a flat surface at all times.

With the rise of BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, more and more people are choosing to streamline their technology, to save money and space. Before you do so however, always check that you’re not taking a step down in terms of quality and productivity. 

Have you used a tablet instead of a laptop before? What are your thoughts?

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