Is it time for a refurbishment?

Published on 28/10/2016

An office should be a place of motivation, organisation and productivity, but if the atmosphere isn’t right you won’t be able to achieve that kind of result. Employees need to feel inspired and clients need to feel like they’re doing business with the right company, and if your office is starting to look a bit old and tired you’ll end up looking less than professional. So, take a look around—is it time for a refurbishment? We thought so. 

Get a sleek new look:

Chances are you want a sleek new look for your office, one that portrays a sense of professionalism and efficiency, and with good reason—creating the right kind of environment can make all the difference to not only how you’re perceived but how employees perform, with a certain sleekness being vital for modern commercial environments. And, how you furnish it is central to the whole thing. You want a workplace that’s as stylish as it is functional to ensure it’s a hub of productivity, with a modern, contemporary feel being motivating to employees whilst instantly making the right impression.

More to it than meets the eye


Layout is important in any office, and this applies no matter how big or small your space may be. You could have a huge open-plan arrangement but if it isn’t laid out correctly it’ll come across as chaotic and disorganised, and likewise if smaller spaces aren’t utilised correctly they’ll feel cramped and oppressive. You need to consider workflow and the separation of different areas, with designing a suitable layout being a core part of the planning process. 


The furniture you choose is vital, because unless you’ve got office furniture that offers the perfect mix of comfort, functionality and style you won’t be able to achieve the necessary finish. Ideally you’ll want to opt for contemporary office furniture that can deliver the sleek look you’re after, making sure to put quality and style at the top of the agenda. 

Overall design:

The design of the whole office needs to work together to ensure you’ve got the perfect outcome, taking into account everything from the colour scheme to the feel of the reception area and even the choice of artwork, and spending enough time on the planning stage is essential to ensure every aspect complements each other perfectly. 

It’s all about getting an environment that works for your particular business, but chances are you’ll want some help to ensure your office space meets your expectations. That’s where we come in. 

Get the service you want

Here at Calibre we’re proud to offer professional, bespoke office design and refurbishment, listening to your needs and working with you throughout the process to ensure you’re left with an office that meets your every requirement. We offer a one-stop-shop from design and planning right through to implementation, and of course, our range of high-quality modern office furniture will provide the ideal finish. So, if you think it’s time for a refurbishment make sure to get in tough and you’ll soon have an office that performs on every level. 

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