Is Office Artwork Motivating or Distracting

Published on 10/06/2019

Office artwork

When you walk into a space, do you pay much attention to the artwork which adorns the walls? Most of us give it a glance at the very least, but have you paid much attention to how it makes you feel?

Artwork is part and parcel of the professional office furniture, because not only does this cause a more creative and innovative feel to a space, but it also brightens up an otherwise dull room. If an office is all dark walls and the odd glass office desk here and there, it’s not going to inspire greatness. However, if you add some quirky, carefully thought out artwork, the space will become creative and inspiring instead.

For proof of why this is, and why you should think about incorporating colourful art into your modern executive office, check out this useful infographic on the subject of colour psychology.

Colour psychology


As you can see, certain colours evoke certain moods. When you add a combination of colours, in the case of different types of artwork, you’ll gain major productivity benefits.

So, do you find artwork distracting, or is it a major motivator for you? 

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