Is Remote Work Problematic For Businesses?

Published on 30/09/2021


The rise of remote working has been rapid and has taken some by surprise. However, there’s no major surprise when you look at the advantages for employees. 

For those who have responsibilities outside of work, the option to work from home or in another way is very beneficial. It’s even a great choice for those who perhaps want to travel. By working remotely on the go, they can see the world and keep their job, maintaining a regular wage every month. 

But, is remote working for everyone? No. Some people simply don’t want to work remotely and prefer to work from the office. Others try it and find that it doesn’t work for them. There is a definite need to be very self-motivated when working outside of the regular office and away from your office desk. 

But what about businesses? Does remote working sit well with businesses or does it cause a problem?

There are two sides to this. Remote working can be very beneficial for businesses in some ways because it can cut overheads and also allows them to retain existing staff. But, if communication becomes a problem, especially if someone is travelling and in a different time zone, then issues can occur. Collaboration can also be difficult, although thanks to video calling software that isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be. 

The decision to allow someone to work remotely has to be taken carefully and all sides of the situation need to be weighed up. If there is no business reason why the individual cannot work remotely, then a business has to grant them the option. Otherwise, they run the risk of that individual choosing to leave and find other opportunities where they can work in the way they want to. 

More and more businesses are choosing to allow remote working in their space. This can mean employees working from home all of the time or some of it or working from somewhere else entirely. When deciding whether or not to grant a flexible working request, solutions to potential problems need to be identified ahead of time. When that happens, there is much less impact on the business and far more advantages for all concerned. 

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