Is Your Life Constantly on Charge?

Published on 24/06/2019

Charging phone

It’s highly likely that during most hours of your day there is one device or another on charge in your home or office. We live a mobile lifestyle, e.g. we work on mobile phones, devices, laptops, and these all need charge in order to work. Of course, rechargeable devices have been around years, but it seems that our office desks constantly feature a charging cable or two these days!

A flashing charge light can be a major pain whilst you’re out and about, and can be a real issue on business trips, which usually mean BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) within the conference room furniture arrangement. There are a few handy ways to get around this, thankfully. Your main option is a Power Bank, which is a small device that you will plug into your phone, tablet or laptop, and it will give you an hour or possibly more of extra charge. Once that’s out of juice however, you’re in trouble!

The other option is to ensure plenty of charging facilities wherever you go. In your office environment you can make use of things like a boardroom table with cable management, so everyone can plug in their devices without cables trailing all over the space.

There is no way to totally eliminate the need to charge up devices; that is the price we pay for being so technologically minded. 

Do you have any other useful tips for ensuring your devices are always charged up?


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