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Published on 28/10/2016

In business, making the right impression is crucial, which is why it’s so important to ensure your reception looks the part. This part of your office is the first thing people see when they step into your building.

If it looks bad, they may instantly start to doubt your organisation. After all, if you can’t manage to organise this small area effectively and make it look nice, what other shortcomings may your firm have? Snap judgements like these may be inaccurate and unfair, but they nevertheless take place all the time in the world of enterprise.


Arguably the most important item within a reception area is the desk. These pieces of office furniture form the focal point of the space, and so it’s crucial that they look the part. One of the issues you’ll need to consider when you’re choosing your desk is size. Ideally, the product that you opt for will be in proportion to its environment. A tiny desk in a large room can look odd, while a big desk in a small a space appears awkward and clumsy.

Also, it’s vital that there’s enough room for the personnel who will use the desk.


Then there’s seating to consider. If your reception also serves as a waiting area, you’ll need chairs or couches for people to use. Making visitors stand around is not only unprofessional, it’s also rude.

Quantity is key when it comes to seats. Try to work out how many people may need to wait in your reception area at any one time and make provisions for this.

Coffee tables

It’s always nice in receptions when there’s reading material on offer for people to skim through. You can put down the day’s papers, industry magazines or literature concerning your firm. The choice is yours. However, you’ll need somewhere to rest the items and this is where coffee tables come in handy.

It’s got the look

So far, we’ve only touched on the practical issues involved in selecting contemporary office furniture. There’s also style to consider. There are so many superb products out there for you to choose from and as long as you know where to look, you can get items that look perfect in your reception.

At the outset, you’ll need to decide what sort of image you’re trying to portray. If you want to come across as funky and forward looking, unusual and contemporary designs are perfect. For example, perhaps our Obelisk seating, complete with its striking angular facets, is just what you’re looking for. On the other hand, maybe something more traditional would suit your company better.


The important thing is to be consistent. Whichever look you opt for should be carried throughout your reception area. If you choose a mixture of contemporary and traditional-style products, you risk created a confused, uncertain look.

Finishing touches

As with many things in life, the devil is in the detail when it comes to receptions and the finishing touches you opt for can make a huge difference. For example, displaying fresh flowers and putting some attractive artwork up can really boost the look of the space.

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