Making the most of a small office space

Published on 28/10/2016

Not every company will have the luxury of infinite amounts of space. For some, whether money or space is tight, there will be certain constraints placed on the amount of room businesses have to play with. As such, from choosing the right office furniture to ensuring that the layout of your premises will allow you to maximise your available space through to reducing the number and size of the assets you choose to use within the workplace, understanding how to get the most out of a smaller office will be extremely important in terms of image, productivity and ongoing potential. 

At Calibre, we have a range of innovative furniture and intuitive storage solutions that could help you to get far more from your office space, while dramatically enhancing the style of your premises. However, if you want to truly have the freedom to create the perfect workspace for your needs regardless of how many square feet you have available to you, it will be important to bear a few other things in mind too. 

Think outside the box 

By reducing the size every item of furniture you have, you may indeed save space, but you may damage productivity in the process. Rather than merely buying the smallest tables and chairs you can find, it will be far more important to consider how you can reduce your reliance on excessive space. 

Reducing the amount of paperwork you generate will make a huge difference, as will outsourcing certain amounts of your storage needs, in terms of both physical and virtual storage. Not only will you find plenty of companies willing to pick and pack inventory, but you will also find plenty of ways to store your servers off-site, saving you space and potentially increasing data security in the process. 

You may also wish to consider making more of your outside areas too, holding meetings outdoors in the summer and even using any grounds you have as spaces in which creative thinking can be done. You may also want to consider having certain meetings structured less formally. Not only might standing up in shared areas reduce the amount of space you need for such meetings, but having meetings in such a way may also help to increase creativity and boost health at the same time.

Buying for your space

Huge desks may seem appealing and may be the staple of movies featuring high-flying businessman, but in many cases they will take up far more space than they need to. Buy furniture based on your needs; a smaller desk may help you to create a more suitable workspace and with minimalism very much in vogue, it may simultaneously help to show your business in a more appealing light too. You may even find that opting to use laptops or even tablets within the workplace as opposed to more sizeable desktops allows you to quickly reduce the amount of space you need for your office furniture. 

Finally, simply get rid of all that clutter. The majority of premises have a huge array of items that are no longer needed, and not only will this clutter reduce the amount of space free to be populated with integral items, but it will also reduce focus and create many potential distractions and hazards. In the office, less is definitely more, and the more streamlined you can become, the more productive your business will be.

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