Making the most of your office storage space

Published on 28/10/2016

When it comes to sourcing new office furniture for the workplace, the most common areas to pay attention to are chairs and desks as these are the items that most prominently impact aesthetics, productivity and health. However, whilst purchasing such workplace furnishings will indeed need a great deal of considering, it will also be wise not to overlook another vital aspect of office furniture - storage solutions.

From how tidy your office is to how safe the space happens to be, the office storage solutions you choose can have a major impact on your working environment, and could well be the difference between a beautiful, ordered workplace and one that is an efficiency-draining nightmare.

How Storage Can Change a Workspace

An untidy office is one that reduces productivity whilst increasing the risk of injuries. Trips and falls are the most common workplace accidents and if an office is not tidy, with clear and unobstructed floor space, the likelihood of individuals hurting themselves in increased exponentially.

Untidy spaces are also a great source of stress. If individuals cannot easily find the items they are looking for, their work will be affected, as will their mood. However, it is not only the physical act of locating items that can cause adverse emotional responses, and even simply being surrounded by clutter can lead to feelings of claustrophobia or a lack of concentration.

The way your office looks will also have an impact on image too. If you have carefully selected storage solutions that perfectly suit your needs, your office will look more ordered and more appealing. After all, visitors (and even staff to a certain extent) are not going to put huge amounts of trust into a company who cannot even organise their own workspace.

Choosing Storage Solutions

The right office storage solutions will be both flexible and attractive, allowing you to maximise your space at a minimal cost and in the most appropriate way for your own needs. When choosing the right solutions, it is wise to make a checklist of your needs rather than opting to buy the first reasonably-priced shelving solution that happens to look good.

Consider the types of item you will need to store, the space you have available to you and even the way in which you will need to order items to make them most accessible to members of staff. You will also want to consider decor and how often items will need to be accessed to ensure you choose a solution that helps you rather than hinders your business.

Finally, consider how your company is likely to evolve. Don’t simply buy enough storage for your current needs, but ensure that, as your companies grows, you have ample space for new items to be stored, considering the size and shape of the things you are likely to need storage space for in the near future.

Final Considerations

Don’t just opt for the most obvious solutions or the most obvious locations to place the storage units you buy. From spaces that are rarely used that could easily store seldom needed items to wall mounted shelves that could allow you to increase floor space by utilising wasted wall space, it will be important to buy products that help you maximise your own unique space. Here at Calibre we have all the storage products you could need to make your office tidy, attractive, productive and as safe as possible all at the same time.


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