Mental Health in The Workplace Awareness Training - What's it All About?

Published on 22/06/2021

Speaking out about mental health issues is becoming more and more commonplace. This is good news. Once upon a time, mental health problems were something people whispered about behind closed doors. Thankfully, all of that is changing. 

We all have mental health, just as we have physical health. Our mental health can fluctuate over time, whilst some people struggle over the long-term. Knocking down the stigma is number one on the agenda. By doing this, more people will feel comfortable speaking out about their worries and obtaining the help they need. 

Within an open plan office, any number of people could be struggling with workplace stress, anxiety, depression or something else, and not feel able to speak out about it. That’s why it’s vital for managers to put a mental health in the workplace policy into place. 

As part of that policy, mental health in the workplace training needs to be implemented too. But, what does that entail?

What is Mental Health in The Workplace Awareness Training?

The problem is larger than we think. Check out this infographic which gives some very eye-opening statistics.

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Now can you see how awareness and mental health support is so important?

Mental health training isn’t about teaching someone how to be a therapist, it’s about awareness. By implementing this type of training you’re teaching your employees about the many different types of mental health issues there are out there and the signs to look out for. It’s also about learning how to support fellow colleagues, how to spot problems and listen. Overall, it’s about knocking down the stigma and encouraging people to feel able to speak out. 

Learning how to promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace is something all managers need to be able to do. Putting regular training into place is a start, but creating an open and supportive environment in the office is also key. Managers should allow everyone to feel like their door is open should they need to talk about something and nobody should feel worried about explaining how they feel or any worries they’re facing. 

Every workplace should have this type of awareness training in place. If yours doesn’t yet, it’s time to focus on this as a new endeavour.

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