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Published on 06/09/2017

No matter how much you love your job there will still be times when you could really do with a motivational boost. It’s true, humans are very complexed species. Even when we have everything, we act as if we have nothing and are often in constant need of injecting regular feel-good factors into our lives to keep us going. Sounds almost like dealing with an addiction, doesn’t it?

Office workers are no different. In the modern working place including Calibre Office Furniture, it’s become extremely commonplace for employers to take various unique and inventive measures if they wish to keep their staff productive and engaged. If you’re under the impression that obvious motivational factors like a pay rise would do the trick to improve staff productivity, then you’re truly mistaken. Our office furniture specialists at Calibre also agree with this.

Employers, no sweat! We’ve got this! In this article, we will go through some of the greatest and most imaginative office hacks that will help you improve your staff productivity levels via our office hacks video below.

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Calibre’s Office Hacks Video Breakdown:

Office Hack One: Stimulate & Engage The Mind With Bright Colours

This office hack is all about making your office space as colourful and vibrant as you can so you can instantly appeal to an employee’s sense of sight. You can achieve this by using a selection of bright and warm colours on the office walls and you can even go ahead and buy some colourful office furniture. If that’s not enough then, what about investing in eye-catching canvases and placing them around various sections of the office? We also don’t think you will be judged if you go as far as investing in some colourful blinds for your office space too.

In summary, this office hack concentrates on the psychology of colours and how it can naturally elevate ones mood and productivity levels. You can read more about this concept here:

Office Hack Two: Add Some Funky Office Furniture Items To The Mix

You can get greatly creative with this office hack by investing in office furniture that comes in different shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. These furniture items should ideally be kept in the social and communal parts of the office such as the breakout area, kitchen, etc.

TIP: It might be a smart and strategic idea to use multi-coloured and funky furniture items only in the breakout areas and in contrast use more neutral, toned down and business-like office furniture items such as executive office chairs and desks in the main office area. This will in turn help your business appear quirky yet professional looking for your workforce and clients. This way everyone is happy.

Office Hack Three: Add Pets To The Business Culture

This office hack is a slightly tricky one. Let’s begin with the positives of implementing it. Past research has shown that keeping office pets such as office dogs in the workplace can be increasingly therapeutic and help keep your staff engaged and productive. However, the limitation of having an office dog is that it can become tremendously distracting for some especially if you’re a dog lover. Let’s not also forget about the unpleasant and foul-smelling mess office dogs can create on your office chair or office desk. In fact, let’s face it, they can do their business absolutely anywhere!

On a more positive note, if you’re not a fan of having an office dog at your firm then you can still add other office pets to the business culture like attractive and easy to maintain office fish or a calm and manageable office tortoise. The choices are endless!

Office Hack Four: Make Full Use Of Breakout Spaces

If you attended Clerkenwell Design Week this year then you will be completely familiar of the emphasis that was placed on an organisations need for incorporating breakout spaces and social furniture in the workplace. Indeed, there are the aesthetic related benefits of having breakout booths at your organisation but there are also the employee health and wellness benefits that are tied to this office hack.

Please note that having breakout furniture is pointless if staff members are not frequently making full use of it, as they should be. Therefore, as an employer you must take full responsibility to encourage your staff to get in the habit of making full use of the breakout furniture if they want to have a healthy and stress-free office life. Dean Signori from Homes Direct 365 is also a great advocate of breakout furniture and strongly believes that breakout spaces should exist in every type of business.

You can also get more information on this topic on the following Calibre article:

Oh wait... there's more…

Extra Office Hack: Bring Nature To The Office…Add Plants!

We thought it would be a nice surprise for our readers if we threw in an additional office hack, which wasn’t included in the video, so here it goes…

Bring the outside in is one way of putting it! Some studies have shown that adding some inspirational office plants in the office can allow workers feel relaxed and content. It adds a touch of tranquillity in the office, which is vital to have especially during tense and busy periods at your organisation. We’re not advising you to turn your office into a jungle but having some eye-catching office plants wouldn’t do any harm.

Get further details on this here:


To summarise, we should all know by now that human behaviour is immensely complexed to understand. From a business owner’s perspective, if one wishes for their company to remain profitable then it is vital for your staff to remain motivated and productive at all times. The unique and quirky office hacks outlined throughout this article will guide you in the right direction especially if you’ve just recently set up your office.

Don’t forget to glance back at the final segment of the Calibre office hack video on what an ideal office should look like. A colourful, funky, relaxed, green and an office full of life in our eyes is what it should mostly be about when improving staff morale.

On a seperate note, get further information on the productivity topic on the earthware website or the Lucidica blog page.

Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful! For more information, get in touch!


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