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Quick Refocus Tricks to Try

Published on 13/05/2019

Refocus trick at work

It’s perfectly normal to experience a mid-morning or mid-afternoon energy slump; we’ve all been there! The key is to drag yourself out of it as quickly as possible, so that it doesn’t turn into a huge period of inactivity at your office desk! Thankfully, there are many useful tricks you can try to help you refocus and continue at your usual pace. 

Check out these suggestions and see if any work for you. 

  • Drink some water – It could be as simple as being a little dehydrated! We’re supposed to drink 8 x 8oz glasses of water per day to ensure our bodies are hydrated and our brains are focused. Try it!
  • Go for a quick walk – A little fresh air and exercise could be all you need. If you’re able to, walk around the block or outside for five minutes; if you’re not, walk around the office space or head to the breakout furniture, and make sure you pass some fresh air as you do so!
  • Try stand height tables – Alternating between sitting and standing has been shown to boost concentration and focus, whilst giving you a little exercise at the same time.
  • Try desk yoga and stretching – You don’t have to roll out your yoga mat to try some quick stretches or light excercises at your desk!
  • Try deep breathing – Breathing in through your nose and holding for a slow count of five, holding for three, and then releasing through your mouth for a count of five, done repeatedly, should give you your focus back.

Do you have any other tips for quick refocusing? 

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