Recommendations on How to Build The Perfect Office Space in 2017

Published on 27/03/2017


Building a captivating office space no doubt requires plenty of time, thought and capital. However, it’s the type of investment that brings greater advantages for every organisation than it does disadvantages. You can make your office attractive for both your employees and clients in various ways. A few of our personal favourites on creating an ideal office space will be outlined below.

Recommendation 1: Make room for a trendy breakout area

One of the main office design ideas space-planning specialists are putting forward to a range of companies is the need of including breakout areas in your office. Employee wellness in the workplace has become an important aspect for every business, which has consequently led to a rise in organisations investing in comfortable breakout furniture for their office. In order to achieve the maximum employee job satisfaction it’s highly advisable for a relaxing office area to be included in your office, if it isn’t already.

Recommendation 2: Have a welcoming and eye-catching reception area

The first point of attraction in most offices is the reception area. This makes it vital for businesses to ensure they have a striking reception, which stands out and is unforgettable for anyone who comes to visit you. You can maybe opt for upbeat colours for your reception seating area or perhaps have a reception counter that has the option to light up as and when you want it to?

Recommendation 3: Only use modern and ergonomic office furniture

Having up-to-date and modernised office furniture around the office is certainly a step closer to having the perfect office. You can perhaps purchase multi-functional desks, which can be converted into stand-up desks as and when employees feel the need to change their posture during the course of the day. You can also consider only purchasing ergonomic-friendly modern office chairs for all your staff members as these carry several health benefits with them.

Recommendation 4: Add some character to your meeting rooms

We can all agree that it’s very easy to lose interest in a lengthy boardroom meeting. This is why it is a sensible idea to ensure you make an effort to hang a couple of beautiful portraits in each meeting room, add some plants to the mix and choose different styles of boardroom tables for every conference room. Having coloured walls in each boardroom can also surprisingly assist with keeping your employees engaged and motivated during meetings.


It is fair to say that you have to ideally take an all-rounded approach and be open to several different ideas if you wish to achieve the perfect office space. The key learning here is that, every detail counts when trying to beautify your office space, so make sure you or your space-planning specialist doesn’t miss anything out during the office design process.


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