Let's Discuss - Should You Allow Desk Personalisation?

Published on 06/12/2018

Are you someone who loves to decorate their office desk in all manner of soft toys, brightly coloured post-it notes, photographs and quote plaques? Alternatively, are you someone who prefers a more minimalistic working environment and office desk?

With the dawn of hot-desking, many people are asking whether personalisation of office desks or office tables is a good idea or not. For instance, should staff be allowed to personalise their office tables with personal belongings, or does it just cause a distraction and a cleaning hazard?

It really comes down to your office policy on working arrangements. If you’re currently using hot-desking, or thinking about it, then personalisation is not going to work. Employees will spend the first half an hour of everyday setting up their many photographs and decorations, which is not practical! In this case, office desks are meant to be anonymous, to allow staff to move around easily as the need arises. If you’ve just spent hours and money on purchasing new office furniture online, to create a sleek office, do you want a uniform look, or a more ‘lived in’ look?

You could argue however, that desk personalisation actually helps productivity in some ways, because it allows a member of staff to feel comfortable and settled in within their own personal surroundings.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think personal belongings such as mementos cause clutter and an untidy mind, or do they help? Drop us a line on our Twitter page and let us know what you think.

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