Should You Go Agile in 2022?

Published on 31/12/2021

There are many different office design models around at the moment but there are always several new innovations in terms of how the office works. Hot desking is still around despite years of people not particularly enjoying it! But, what about the agile office? Is this something you think your office could benefit from?

Agile working is a relatively new innovation but it’s one which helps the employee to have a far more enjoyable experience during their working hours and gets them away from the same old office desk every single day.

Check out this video for a quick view of what the agile office looks like.

The idea behind agile working is that the focus is upon the specific task at hand. Employees will take a task for the day and then decide which part of the office to work in, or whether they need to work outside of the office, in order to get the best outcome for that particular task. Maybe they need to sit and work quietly to complete that particular task and in that case, they’ll sit in the quiet zone at an office chair, perhaps surrounded by acoustic panels or office screens to cut down on unnecessary noise and chatter. That way, they can focus far better and get the best job done.

Perhaps a task requires a more collaborative view. Then, they would go to the collaborative area and brainstorm with their colleagues around the modern boardroom tables. It could be that a task needs to be done with a combination of both elements, and that can be completed by moving around as necessary.

Basically, agile working is about working freedom and the employee has the decision to mark in terms of where to work from. That can be extremely beneficial for job satisfaction and morale in the office itself. We all know that when employees are happy and enjoy their jobs, they work harder, make fewer mistakes, and are more likely to come up with creative and innovative ideas. There is no downside in that! So, if the agile working model could help your business to hit those marks, it is something you might like to consider implementing for the coming new year?

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