Someone Taking Credit For Your Idea?

Published on 15/07/2019

Taking Credit For Your Idea


One of the most annoying and difficult situations to deal with in the workplace is when a colleague or even a member of management, takes credit for your work or an idea that you came up with. 

You might be extremely proud of your idea, keen to share it with your team around the oval boardroom table, and then suddenly you find that it’s no longer your idea, and someone else is parading around taking your credit for themselves.

Annoying, right?

If this is happening to you, it’s vital that you stay calm and keep conflict resolution methods in your mind. Check out this video for some great pointers on how to handle such a situation. 

Keeping a lid on your anger is the single most important thing you need to bear in mind in this situation. If you allow your anger to boil over, you’re going to appear in complete the wrong light, and it will do you no favours whatsoever. If you need to vent, do it quietly and carefully somewhere private, perhaps hidden behind one of the office dividers!

Have you ever had to deal with this type of situation?


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