Take a Look at Yourself - Poor Management Ruins a Business

Published on 28/04/2021

Do you find yourself constantly in a recruitment situation? 

Are employees always leaving and you have to backfill their position?

If so, have you ever stopped to wonder why?

One of the main reasons employees leave a business is down to management. When management is poor, employees would rather take their chances and leave to go somewhere else, than stick around and put up with the situation. 

That’s pretty stark news, right?

Now, we’re not saying that when an employee decides to leave your business it’s always down to management. It could be a million reasons. However, if this is a constant thing and you’re always having to look for new staff members to fill the office desks in your space, you might want to sit and wonder whether your management style needs to be tweaked. 

Check out this infographic which pits bad managers against good managers. 

Source - https://www.ultimatesoftware.com/Infographic/The-Habits-of-Good-vs-Bad-Managers

Employees want to feel supported by their manager. They want to feel they can approach their manager when they need to discuss something or they’re feeling stressed out. Employees also need to feel valued and listened to. All of these things are very basic, but it’s surprising how many managers overlook them and make everything much more complicated than it needs to be.

Dealing with people means respect, attention, and time. None of these things cost a penny. Yes, managers have a million and one jobs they need to do every day and yes, many of the decisions a manager has to take could make or break the business, but that doesn’t take away the fact that employees are a business’ single most important asset. Not treating them in the right way, whether meaning to do so or not, could be disastrous for the business. 

Management is a hard job. Decisions need to be made, problems need to be solved, issues need to be ironed out, but within all of that, make sure that you’re not losing sight of the most basic foundations of all. By treating your employees in the best way possible, they will reward you with harder work, better ideas, creative solutions, and fewer mistakes. This will ease your workload by more than you can imagine, and make your role far easier as a result. 

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