Taking the hassle out of office furniture installation

Published on 01/11/2016

In the past, you might have been put off revamping your office because of the hassle associated with installing executive office furniture. After all, many web-based suppliers simply drop the items you order at your door and let you get on with the rest.

Assembling furniture from flat packs and manoeuvring cumbersome and heavy items around might be your idea of hell. Also, you’ve no doubt got lots of other tasks to be getting on with, so taking too much time out of your schedule to deal with this issue could be impossible.

Help is at hand

However, getting new office furniture needn’t be such an ordeal. Here at Calibre we realise that our customers want the very best office desks, tables, chairs and other items around, but generally they don’t want the hassle of having to install it themselves.

That’s why we provide an installation team. Our personnel are fully trained when it comes to handling and fitting all of our products.

Some details

Of course, before you go letting strangers into your premises, you’ll want some reassurances. Our installation teams vary in size depending on the extent of the work to be undertaken, but you can rest assured that the names of each and every one of the personnel who will be on site will be made available to you before the work begins.

Also, you might be pleased to note that we carefully load, protect and deliver furniture to ensure it arrives at your premises in tiptop condition. Once on site, we’ll carefully unpack and remove all packaging for disposal in an environmentally-friendly manner.

After this, we’ll get to work fitting and positioning all the products you’ve ordered in accordance with approved plans. Each piece of furniture will be levelled, dusted and inspected for defects or damage. If any problems are found, a snagging list will be produced.

Attention to detail

To make sure that no damage is done to your property, our installation team will protect the access route into the building. Also, our personnel carry fully charged battery operated hand tools and a range of spares in case of emergencies. This means work won’t be delayed because of technical problems.

The sooner the better

Now that you’re aware of exactly how simple getting new executive office furniture can be, why not invest in these products ASAP? After all, the sooner you purchase the items, the sooner you and your employees will be able to start taking advantage of them.

Our products look great and they can really boost the appearance of working spaces. Also, they feel fantastic and can boost comfort levels among your staff members. In addition, you stand to enhance your image among any third parties who visit your office.

See for yourself

To see our full product range for yourself, just check out the rest of our website. When it comes to office furniture, you can see us as your one-stop-shop. Whether you’re looking for items for your reception, your boardroom or your main working area, we can help.


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