The Benefits of Having Standing Desks in Your Office

Published on 29/03/2017

Similarly to every other industry, there is always a new trend that organisations in the corporate world should know about and make the most of if they haven’t already. There has for instance been a rise with the number of corporations adding standing desks to their order when purchasing office furniture. Below are some key benefits of standing desks that every company should be aware of.

Benefit 1: Lowers the risk of weight gain

Employees are highly likely to undergo weight gain issues if they spend nearly all of their time sitting at their office desks throughout the week. These is definitely not ideal for office workers who are trying to get in shape for their summer getaways.

It can also prove counterproductive for those who are attending the gym on a regular basis but then return back to sitting at their desks all day. This will as a result naturally slow down their weight loss journey.

By having standing desks therefore allows a person to switch between sitting and standing throughout the course of the day and avoid facing any form of unnecessary weight gain problems.

Benefit 2: Flexibility fosters creativity and productivity

Realistically your daily work tasks can become laborious and stressful if you’re sitting in the same position for hours on end. This can consequently have an adverse effect on both an individual’s creativity and productivity levels.

Standing desks however, allow individuals to be in in various postures they feel most comfortable with throughout the day. This can in turn.  affect an employees work performance in a positive way. You can even go a step further by including a height adjustable conference table in one of your meeting rooms and see if this fosters more creativity during brainstorm sessions.

Benefit 3: Contributes towards longer life expectancy

On a separate note, sitting at your desk chairs all day and everyday can expose you to several long-term health risks such as heart disease, diabetes & obesity. Not only will you and your employees experience a longer life expectancy by investing in standing desks but it will also increase your chances of experiencing a higher office life expectancy.

Overall thoughts:

It is evident that investing in standing desks is a great idea for companies for a wide range of reasons. These type of office furniture items for example allow staff members to control their weight better and it can also lower the risk of them experiencing any severe health problems like obesity and heart disease.

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