The impact of colours on our mood at work

Published on 27/10/2016

Colourchart - The impact of colours

It wasn’t until recently that I started to think more deeply about office layout and how it should be like. An interesting article by on how colours affect mood in the workplace really caught my attention.

According to this post using the colour white for your office walls is a big NO! I always thought having white walls in general would make a room appear more spacious and clean but now coming to think of it, it can actually remind us of places we don’t want to be like the dentist or the hospital!

To my surprise, the colour blue apparently lowers stress levels and decreases heart rate. If this is the case, then I would strongly advise any workplaces where the stress levels are likely to be high to consider having blue walls around the office.

Another colour that I did not imagine enhancing our mood at work is green. It has been suggested in this article that this colour in fact requires the least amount of eye-strain & produces a feel good feeling. This makes sense because now coming to think of it the colour green personally reminds me of the summer season and being outdoors having a good time.

On the other hand, although the colours yellow & pink are vibrant & eye-catching colours, I agree with that these shouldn’t be chosen when thinking about wall colours in the office. This is because yellow after a while would stand out too much for my liking and although pink is one of my favourite colours in fashion, it wouldn’t look right in a professional work environment.

From my perspective it’s easier said than done when it comes to designing your office. Anyone can give a preference to what colour walls the office should have but it’s always beneficial to get the opinion of experts before making any final decisions. One thing I do know more about now however, is how the choice of colours in an office have an influence on our mood & emotions so choose your colours wisely!

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