The Importance of Fresh Air in The Reception Area

Published on 30/05/2021

If you want to make your reception area the best it can be, you need to focus on comfort. 

Visitors will not only come to report to your reception area but they’ll also wait there until their appointment time is due, or until the person they’ve arrived to see if able to fit them in. Of course, you should never leave someone waiting on the office reception chairs for any longer than necessary, but even in that short time, you want them to be comfortable. 

One vital element that many businesses overlook is the importance of fresh air. 

Did you know that getting enough fresh air every day can be hugely beneficial for your health? That means that anyone sitting in your reception area is benefited, including your receptionist. 

Reception areas and waiting areas are often hot and busy places. The door is opening and closing all the time but if the space is busy, it's not going to make much of a difference to how stuffy or otherwise it feels. For that reason, opening windows and getting as much natural, fresh air in as possible is key.  

Check out this infographic which talks about the health benefits of fresh air.

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Ventilation is important for many reasons, not only for the receptionist who is sitting in the reception area all day long but for the health of everyone in the building. Especially in COVID times, we need to ensure plenty of fresh air for ventilation. If your reception area has windows, they should be opened as much as they can be, safely. Of course, the door should never be propped open as that would be a safety and fire risk, but you should do your utmost to clear any space that fresh air could enter into the reception and allow it to do its natural wonderfulness!

Should you have air conditioning or heating? Well, during the hottest and coldest months, these are two tools which can help keep your reception as comfortable as possible but there is no replacement for fresh air. This is Mother Nature’s gift to you and if you want your visitors to be comfortable, you need to utilise it to the best of your ability when designing your reception space. 

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