The Key Advantages of Having Office Partitions

Published on 22/05/2018

Office design is a constantly shifting and changing beast. As our business requirements alter, and the way we work changes, our needs and requirements when it comes to our office layout is also on the move. Once upon a time we were all about open plan offices, then came the modular office, and from there we had zones, but what if you need to change up your design on a regular basis?

There is one thing which could be your cost saving grace, as well as having a range of other advantages – office partitions.

These are sometimes also known as an office screen, but it means exactly the same thing. This creates a barrier between the workstations in front and to the side of an employee, and therefore allows extra privacy and scope for concentration. The plus point is that a partition can be taken down when collaboration is needed, or when an office move around is on the cards.

Walls can be too guarded, and walls can’t be moved once they are up, but a partition can easily be changed in terms of position, as well as giving the option for a full or part height. There are many reasons why a business might choose to use office screens such as this, including:

  • Giving employees extra privacy
  • Creating set workspaces, without invasion of space from one desk to another
  • To cut down on sound
  • To create a modern and sleek appearance
  • To give flexibility when moving an office around

You can go for transparent partitions, you can go for coloured ones, or you can go for floor to ceiling choices too. There is a lot of scope for choice here.

So, now we know why a business might want to use partitions, let’s talk about the major advantages that can be gained from this office furniture option.

An Optical Illusion

A clear glass partition can be used to create the illusion of more space than there really is, as well as boosting the appearance of natural light. We all know that a light and airy office space is much more beneficial than a dark and stuffy one, and can actually boost employee performance. Glass partitions can be used to create this illusion, and can cut down on the effect of artificial lighting. The more natural light in an office, the better.

An Attractive Appearance

You can opt for any type of partition you want, so you could go for an injection of colour, to create a pop of light, you can go for a clear version for a modern and professional look, or you can go floor to ceiling, as we mentioned, to create the illusion of a wall that’s not really there. Overall, having partitions rather than walls looks much better, and also contributes to the idea of a more modern look for employees to work in. It is a million times more beneficial for staff to have a modern and attractive office environment, because it boosts productivity and performance.

Partitions Are Cheaper Than Walls

Dividing up a room is much cheaper with partitions, compared to full walls. We also need to address the fact that you can easily move a partition, but you can’t move a wall! If you decide to move your office around in the future, or if you need to expand, then you will find it ten times easier with partitions, than you would if you were having to knock down a wall.

In addition to this, partitions save you cash on your energy bills, because you’re not having to heat and light a different room, which you would have to do with a wall in place. You’re using the one room, you’re just dividing it up in a different way. This of course means you’re using the same amount of lighting and energy – a genius idea!

Extra Flexibility

If you decide to change your office around in the future, if you have a staff expansion, or if you decide to move the office entirely, you’ll be able to pick up your partitions and take them with you, rather than having to look for new dividing options in your new place. Partitions therefore offer a greater amount of flexibility for businesses in their office design requirements, and can be moved around to accommodate larger office furniture, such as executive office chairs and large desks. For many businesses, flexibility is the big deal breaker when it comes to deciding on partitions or not.

Less Noise And More Privacy

Having a partition in place actually works to cut down on noise levels, even if it isn’t a full partition or screen. This also creates a sense of focus and concentration, because your employees will be much more able to really sit and focus on the task at hand, without being distracted by what is going on next to them, or having to try and work on a task in a noisy environment. There is also the privacy side of things to take into account, by going for a coloured partition, a frosted option, or a full block screen. This gives a sense of personal space and safety for employees, which is vital for wellbeing.

Are you thinking of moving your office around, and you’re wondering how to design the new space? In that case, partitions could be the answer to your quandary. Kitting out a new space isn’t all about a new office conference table, or figuring out where to put your new bench desks, it’s about how to organise your space overall. It’s also about finding out how you can save cash on your office furniture needs, not only now, but in the future too.

What do you think about office partitions? Drop us a comment in our suggestion section below and let us know! We’re always keen and eager to hear about your views. Perhaps you have a great suggestion for a new office design you want to share with our customers?!


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