The perfect office chairs and why you need them

Published on 28/10/2016

When buying office chairs, it will be important to ensure that they both look and play the part, catering for the needs of those sitting on them and creating a uniform look that exudes style and class. Yet, many of those equipping an office with furniture will overlook certain important considerations when choosing office chairs, opting instead for ones that simply look good at a reasonable price.

So what does make the perfect office chair and why is it so important to get it right?

The Importance of Comfort

Getting the right chairs is not just about offering individuals a place to sit. Instead, the level of comfort that your employees experience whilst in the workplace will directly affect how productive they are as well as levels of morale. Not only will a comfortable chair that offers support ensure that your employees are free to focus on their work rather than constantly feeling the need to change position or massage their bodies back to life, but a chair that is ergonomic and designed for maximum support will also help individuals to avoid experiencing physical injuries. In turn, not only will staff be more productive whilst they are in work, but you will also remove the worry of individuals having to take time off for back pains or muscular strains.

The right chairs will help your employees get into the right position for the work they need to carry out, and ensure they have the right level of support to keep their bodies healthy. Ergonomic furniture will allow individuals to have a stable base from which to move, without being restricted, whilst ensuring they can adjust their chair in many different ways so that they are always at the right height and in the right position to carry out their work.

The Importance of the Right Material

The material you choose will also have a big impact on the practical and monetary value of the chairs you buy. Not only will certain materials last far longer and in turn equate to a much better investment over time, but different materials will also affect everything from comfort to the aesthetics of your workplace.

The right material may be different for different people. For example, leather chairs may last a lifetime and add a great sense of style to a workplace, but they may not be all that suitable for spaces in which furniture will be in use for eight hours or more each day. They are also more expensive, so may not suit businesses that wish to keep their costs low without affecting productivity. Ultimately, it is about finding a material that is high-quality and functional without boosting outgoings into the realms of the unaffordable.

Before You Buy

The perfect office chair will be one that is flexible, comfortable and offers great support, all whilst looking great and representing good value for money. In office settings you will want an option that is mobile, with castors (except in rare, specific circumstances or on certain types of flooring), and will need to ensure that the needs of your own specific workforce have been considered before you make a final decision.

At Calibre Office Furniture, we understand the importance of finding the perfect office chair and are on hand to offer all the help and advice you could need to find the very perfect products for your office and the workforce who will be using them.


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