Location, Location, Location!

Published on 27/10/2016

A while ago, I came across an thought-provoking post on how to pick the right location for your new office by www.squarefoot.com. For me personally having a straightforward commute to work and being situated in a lively & busy area, where there are numerous shops around me are the two most important factors.

From an employer’s perspective however, I agree the price of an office space and being in close proximity to clients and customers are also greatly important factors to consider. Fortunately, I’ve always worked at places which have ticked all the boxes that are outlined in this post. This has therefore naturally kept my morale levels high at work. Based on my own experiences, I truly believe the location of an office has a direct effect on an employee’s performance. As mentioned earlier, having a smooth commute along with a popular location is always a bonus for me.

In the article, the point about some businesses choosing their location to amplify and be in accordance with their brand is quite interesting. This definitely makes sense now because the marketing agency I use to previously work for are located on Tottenham Court Road where there are many other popular marketing agencies are also located. This location is in fact surrounded by a wide range of pubs & restaurants for colleagues to socialise in, which would make sense since there is a lot of socialising involved in the marketing industry. Similarly, several financial institutes are located in Canary Wharf which is commonly known to be a significantly affluent area. After all, it is usually identified as being one of London’s greatest financial hubs.

Overall, I have a better understanding of what factors to keep in mind if I ever decide to set up a business of my own. At the moment the Calibre Office Furniture head office is based on Bromely high street. Not only do we have a fantastic shopping centre nearby but we are right opposite the train station, making it very convenient for employees like myself.


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