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The Pro's And Con's of Office Dress Codes

Published on 08/05/2019

Office Dress Code

How do you feel about office dress codes? Does your workplace currently ask you to wear a uniform whilst you’re at your elegant office furniture, or do you have a set of rules that are a little more relaxed?

For instance, perhaps your office asks that you wear smart/casual attire to work, or maybe you are allowed to wear what you want, within a relaxed office environment. Every workplace is different and it depends entirely upon the type of work being done.

With that in mind, what are the pro's and con's of having an office dress code versus not having one at all? And, is a more relaxed dress code in-keeping with other new office endeavours, practices, such as bring your own device (BYOD)?

Pro's of a Dress Code/Uniform

  • Staff do not need to think too much about what to wear
  • Everyone is identifiable as working within that office
  • It presents a professional appearance to visitors and customers
  • It sets the tone for work
  • No competition over who wore what best!
  • You can incorporate high-end office furniture within the professional look of your office space

Con's of a Dress Code/Uniform

  • Set uniforms can be very restrictive and annoying to staff
  • If you’re going to incorporate a relaxed working environment, perhaps with collaborative bench desks, having a strict dress code simply won’t follow the same line of thinking
  • Providing staff with uniforms can be expensive
  • Asking staff to purchase smart/casual workwear can be expensive for them also

How do you feel about dress codes? Is it a yes, or a no? 


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