Tips on achieving a stress-free office environment this Christmas

Published on 19/12/2016

It becomes immensely important to get employee wellness up to scratch in all workplaces considering employees are one of the most important assets of every business. Working in an office in particular, can without a doubt become quite exhausting both mentally and emotionally for majority of workers.

This makes it imperative therefore to ensure all the correct procedures that aid towards staff well-being are always followed at work. This is especially helpful during the Christmas period when all the end of year work needs to be handed in. Below are some suggestions on some of the useful steps that can be taken to boost employee wellness at your organisation this Christmas.

Step one – encourage counselling sessions or complimentary relaxation & stress relief services

Although Christmas is often a happy and sociable time in most offices it can still however become a challenging time of year too with the pressure of meeting all the end of year deadlines. For this reason, it would be advisable to have a support system set in place at work, where employees can turn to someone during stressful times before the Christmas break.

Apart from encouraging counselling sessions to take place, it could also be a good idea to offer one-off complimentary relaxation services for the last month of the year as an extra incentive for your workforce. These initiatives listed above would certainly lead to a more motivated and stress-free workforce, which would also have a positive impact on staff productivity levels.

Step two – introduce communal standing desks for your staff if you haven’t already so

Having communal standing desks spread across your office for staff members is a great way to increase staff morale and has proven to work for numerous businesses. In essence, investing in a wide range of different type of office furniture is highly advisable by many office space planning specialists as it serves a number of positive benefits for employees.

In this day and age, just having modern desks and chairs alone isn’t enough to boost employee productivity and creativity at work. For this reason, therefore, it’s become greatly essential for firms to incorporate a varied set of office furniture in order to allow staff to be able to avoid sitting at their desk all day and getting stressed about their huge work pile.

Needless to say, it’s a great idea to have communal standing desks for staff as it’s gives them a chance to break away from the usual office environment and continue with their daily tasks in a different office area.

Step 3 –  Organise an employee recognition awards ceremony before the Christmas break

Showing your colleagues appreciation and recognition for their hard work goes a long way for employers as their likely to experience an upward shift in profitability levels too. As several popular motivational theories have previously outlined workers are not only motivated by monetary related benefits they receive.

In fact, being valued and praised by your employers also greatly plays an important role in boosting morale levels. Based on this therefore, why not arrange a special awards ceremony before the Christmas break to help relieve any form of stress they may be undergoing.

To conclude:

Despite the fact that your workload can undoubtedly become relatively heavy and stressful by the end of year there are still a range of measures your company can undertake to prevent you from feeling too overwhelmed. These as highlighted above can range from offering complimentary relaxation & stress relief services, including a variety of office furniture to handing out employee recognition awards before the Christmas break.

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