Tips on how to remain motivated at work

Published on 27/10/2016

In general, I would perceive myself to be a positive individual whether it’s at home or at work. I’ve always been told in various workplaces that I add positive energy in the office without even realising it. I have to admit I’ve always been the one who gets everyone together and organises team lunches and other team building work events. I find it really fun but most importantly I remain extremely motivated at work by doing so.

Recently, I came across an interesting post created by about the 6 key ways to motivate yourself at work. I immediately was able to relate to many of the motivating factors mentioned and greatly encourage others to also read this post too because it is very inspirational.

I particularly like the fact that this article outlines both the non-monetary & monetary motivational factors at work. After all, both realistically play an important role in our lives and we shouldn’t shy away from either but instead treat them both equally.

I have to admit I could relate to majority of the article and it certainly reminded me of my past work experiences throughout my work life. For example, the point about creating early positive momentum before the start of your work day is still true for me now. I make the most out of my commute to work by reading the latest industry blogs and by creating a brief to do list in my work diary so I am set for the day ahead.

The last motivational factor that has been pointed out in the post about personal pride & accomplishments, I think is a really important one to take on board. Reflecting on all your achievements and what you are capable of is incredibly vital. Every worker should be proud of their hardwork and be able to witness the value they would’ve added to the business. Needless to say, being praised and applauded by your employer for your hard work is equally as important in any workplace

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