Top 5 Functions of The Reception Area

Published on 30/05/2021


The reception area is an overlooked part of the building, but it’s one which should always be focused on to the utmost!

By ensuring that your commercial reception is as comfortable, attention grabbing (in all the right ways) and professional as it can be, you’ll make sure your visitors return time and time again.

It’s easy to misunderstand why a reception is so important, so to help you focus your attention in all the right areas, let’s look at the top 5 functions of the reception area. 

As a First Port of Call For Visitors

The first function of the reception area is a place for visitors to report. Anyone who walks into your reception area will go to the office reception desk and say why they are there. They might be attending for an interview, they might be waiting to see someone in the main office, or they might simply have something to ask. Whatever the reason, the reception area is where they will go before anywhere else. 

Somewhere Visitors Can go to Ask Simple Questions

If a visitor has a quick question that is fairly easy to answer, they’ll go to the reception area and ask whatever is on their mind. The receptionist will no doubt have been asked most questions in the past and will the be able to give the visitor the information they need. Everyone is happy!

A Place to go to Sort Out Issues

Sometimes a visitor may be unhappy with the service they’ve been given by the business and they want to talk to someone about it. They may or may not call ahead of time, but many visitors will simply walk into the reception area and want to speak to someone in charge. In that case, the receptionist can calm the situation down a little and gather all the information required, to pass on to the person they need to see. This helps to reduce the chances of conflict, because the visitor feels they’re being listened to and being taken seriously. 

A Waiting Spot

Of course, the reception area is also a place where people will sit and wait to be seen. That means the space needs to be kept clean and tidy and there needs to be comfortable reception seating in place. Learning how to maintain a reception area is important, so visitors are comfortable whilst they wait. 

A Focal Area to Reflect The Business Identity 

The final function is that the reception is a place that sums up and reflects the business identity. It tells visitors what the business is about and what it stands for. This is where first impressions are made, so how you design the space is an important consideration. 

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