Top 5 Reasons Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Published on 20/09/2019


When it comes to leadership, you might have an idea in your head of what it actually looks like. It is someone who is loud, proud, and leads by visual example? 

This is the usual vision of a leader, but you might be surprised to learn that leaders can be all different types of people. In actual fact, introverts make fantastic leaders!

We tend to go more towards extroverted people when we think about someone to lead others, but sometimes a softer approach works better. It all depends on the team, the groups of people sat at office desks who need to be led. Some prefer a more verbal approach, whilst others tend to follow the quiet example of someone who excels in their work in a different way. 

Check out this video for a few valid points on why an introvert might make a fantastic leader. 

As you can see, introverts are able to see things very deeply and are able to discuss around the modern boardroom tables on a deeper level than perhaps someone who is a little more reactive. By taking the time to think about a subject before deciding on the way forward, introverts can make sound and strong leadership decisions. 

To pull everything together, let’s look at 5 reasons why introverts make great leaders. 

1 - Introverts Are Naturally Empathic

Most introverts are quite empathic, which means they’re able to put themselves in the shoes of someone else and understand how they feel about it all. This helps them to understand their team on a deeper level once more, and also allows them to connect as two humans, rather than boss and employee. This is likely to go a long way to increasing morale in the office. 

2 - Introverts Often Think About Different Sides of an Argument 

When a decision needs to be made, or conflict needs to be resolved, introverts are able to openly see both sides of an argument. This helps them to make better decisions and also allows them to solve conflicts in a better way, than someone who jumps onto one side of the problem. 

3 - Introverts Lead by Example 

Of course, we’re not suggesting that extroverts don’t set a great example too, but introverts tend to go about their work at their executive desks in a quieter and more methodical way. This particular method gets results and is the best way to inspire employees to do the same. As a result, the team will knuckle down and work harder, inspired by their leader’s approach. 

4 - Introverts Are Naturally Quite Creative

Introverts are generally quite creative people and that means they’re able to come up with ideas on how to complete a task in a different way. This is ideal for boosting morale and for kicking our monotony within an office environment. 

5 - Introverts Allow Others to Speak 

Introversion doesn’t necessarily mean shyness, it simply means that particular person prefers quiet over noise and is very talented at listening. For this reason, introverts are very happy to let others speak and to sit back and listen to their words, and watch their body language. This makes an introvert very astute at working out what is going on beneath the surface. In addition, allowing others to speak around the boardroom chairs allows more people to have input into discussions. 

These are just five reasons why an introvert makes a great leader, but of course, that doesn’t mean an extrovert can’t be just as good! Both personality types have their strengths and their weaknesses and when it comes to personality types and management, it’s about the team they’re leading and the job they’re doing too. One size never fits all, but you should never write off an introvert as quiet or lacking in ideas - there is a lot going on beneath the surface!

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