Top 5 Worst Snacks For Productivity

Published on 19/11/2019


If you want to stay productive during your working day, you need to feed your brain and your body, as well as focusing on the task at hand. This means looking towards the things you should eat, versus the things you shouldn’t. 

We’re probably all very guilty of snacking during the day, especially mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but what foods should you avoid and which should you enjoy?

In terms of snack types which are bad for productivity, we’re talking about things like:

  1. Added sugars
  2. Saturated fats
  3. Processed foods
  4. Heavy carbs
  5. Fried foods

Whilst sitting at your office chairs, avoid these types of snacks at all costs if you want to get plenty done during the day, therefore remaining productive

However, if you want to boost your brainpower, check out this infographic which outlines the best foods for studying, and therefore focusing at work too. 

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What are your go-to snacks for brainpower?

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