Top to dos for an office relocation

Published on 11/01/2017


It’s become relatively prevalent for a widespread of organisations to relocate their offices every so often and not just stick at one business address for years on end. Are you also looking to relocate your office to a different place? Then it would be worth taking a note of some of the top to do’s we at Calibre Office Furniture feel are important to keep in mind during the relocation process.

Top to do one: find your ideal office space with the help of office brokers:

Instead of leaving all the think work to yourself to actually find a suitable office space, why not hire experienced office brokers like Search Office Space to do this strenuous task for you? This way you can concentrate on other essential aspects of the process that you need to keep under control like the budgeting and financing of the process.

It’s actually relatively common for corporations to use third party companies, who specialise in this sector, to assist with your move. This can essentially be a short-term or a long-term office move but it’s all really dependent on the needs and requirements of your business.

In fact CEO Richard Smith at Search Office Space is in great favour of serviced offices and subsequently explains: “Serviced offices are proving increasingly popular because they provide companies with versatility and flexibility- licenses start from as little as a month and providers allow their occupiers to scale up as their business grows (or downsize if needs be). Essential services like internet, a reception team and meeting room usage are usually included in the serviced option too, meaning a company can focus solely on their business.”

Top to do two: organise your office furniture well

On the flip side, if you want to have the flexibility of choosing your own furnishings unlike the ones available in serviced offices then a thorough plan required for the organisation of your office furniture for the new office will be of key importance. 

For example you’ll need to firstly determine whether you’ll be utilising existing furniture or if you’ll be investing in brand new office furniture items like new office tables and office cupboards. In most cases, companies usually end up purchasing new office furniture goods, which then makes it crucial for you to decide on factors like whether you will buy, rent or lease the newly chosen office furniture.

In order to organise your office furniture well, you may also want to make necessary arrangements for the delivery of the new furniture and additionally even want to consider how to efficiently dispose of any existing unwanted furniture.

Top to do three: communicate your move to all the key stakeholders

It’s critical for you to inform all the key stakeholders of your business ranging from employees, clients to even your finance and insurance providers about the new business address and keep them posted about all the logistics of the process. This will not only ensure that everyone associated with the firm feels involved but it will also ensure that no one misses out on any key pieces of information in regards to the move.

To summarise:

It’s not a straightforward task to relocate your office every now and then but the benefits of doing so are certainly greater than the drawbacks linked with it. There is no doubt that there are several considerations to make during the relocation process but there are some, which are also listed throughout, that we feel should be listed as top priority during the office relocation process.


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