Video Conferencing Etiquette

Published on 15/07/2019

More and more businesses are choosing to set up a video conferencing room or use their regular boardroom leather chairs from which to call clients and customers across the globe. This is the new, multi-national way to do business, and it means growth and extra profits come far easier as a result!

The problem is, many people don’t realise that video conferencing etiquette is a very real thing. If you commit any of the big don’ts, you’re likely to put off a potential new client and therefore lose out on business. 

To help you avoid the biggest pitfalls, check out this video which outlines the major DO's and DONT’s of video conferencing etiquette. 

It’s really about treating the video conference the same as you would a regular meeting in your conference room, but with a few added technological extras to bear in mind. A boardroom table with cable management is a good idea, to tidy up your space and make sure that nothing runs out of charge mid-conference, and looks far more professional than random office desks pushed together! 

Remember, a video conference is exactly the same as an ‘in person’ conference. Treat it the same and you won’t go far wrong. 

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