Want to Save The Planet? Work From Home

Published on 28/11/2020


These days we’re far more environmentally conscious than before. This is a good thing, because we all need to do our bit to ensure that this planet of ours remains in good shape for future generations. Every small change we make now will benefit us and our children’s children in the future.

There are many ways you can become more environmentally conscious in your life and in your working situation too. Many commercial offices are working towards becoming more sustainable, reducing overheads, perhaps looking to install solar power, and maybe even paying attention to the materials that their office furniture is made from - did you know that certain materials emit gases over time?

You probably already have a few things in place at home in this regard, such as recycling and not leaving items on stand-by and using up too much power, but did you know that by the action of choose to work from home, you’re already doing your bit for the planet?

Working from home instantly reduces your carbon footprint. You’re not commuting to work, no matter what the distance, so you're making major cuts from the get-go. This benefit increases the longer you do it for, so if you work from home over the long-term, you’re benefitting the planet in a big way. 

Even if you use public transport to get to work, that’s a saving in emissions and if you regularly drive, your savings will be even more. 

Some great karma points for you there!

When a business asks their employees to work from home or they give them the option to do so, contemporary offices don’t need as much power or heat. That means a business can cut its carbon footprint at the same time. There are less computers to power, less chance of items being left on stand-by, and a generally more beneficial picture for the planet. 

When designing your home office, you should look towards home office ideas to create a space that helps you to be productive, but one which also keeps an eye on the environment too. How about using recyclable materials in your decor? Make sure you choose environmentally friendly materials, and add in plenty of nods to mother nature in your design to boost your general working performance. 

Of course, many people have had to work from home over the last few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are very few positives to the situation we find ourselves in currently but maybe the environment will receive a boost as a result of less people travelling to and from work every day. 

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