What Are Privacy Pods Actually For?

Published on 30/07/2020

Office furniture has come a long way over the last few years. 

If you look at the types of offices in place 10 or 15 years ago, they look drastically different from how they look now. Back then, office furniture was extremely basic. Yes, we’d heard about ergonomic office chairs and the like but they were quite large and bulky affairs compared to the streamlined versions we see now. 

There are many other types of furniture which have made their introduction into the office design world too. For instance, office booths and space dividers are now a very common occurrence within many open plan offices, trying to create a more workable and productive situation from an office which houses many people, all working on different tasks. 

It can be very hard to find space and privacy within an open plan office. This can be a stressful situation to work in too and that is why many different types of furniture have been developed. 

Before we talk about one particular furniture option which could revolutionise your open plan office environment, check out this video which gives some handy tips on how to stay sane in a busy open plan office!

As you can see, finding privacy and quiet in this type of office is vital if you want to be productive. One type of furniture you could use is called a privacy pod. 

What is a Privacy Pod?

The name really gives it away, but this is a type of enclosed booth which gives you space and privacy whilst you’re working. The difference between booths and pods is that booths can be small or they can feature walls which are half height. A pod, on the other hand, has high walls and encloses the person, apart from the front opening. 

Pods often have small built-in tables which may turn inwards or be fixed and they allow your employees to focus and concentrate when they really need a little peace and quiet. These can be used as part of the agile workplace or simply as an add on to a busy contemporary office environment. 

Privacy pods are therefore ideal for work that requires space. Booths are a good option for this too but they’re also ideal for collaboration. A pod would usually only have the space for one person to focus and work away, meaning they’re a good choice for large and busy offices. This means your employees can use the privacy pod when they have a piece of work they really need to concentrate on and don’t need distractions putting them of whatever they’re doing. They can also be used for quick times outs too, perhaps when everything is becoming a little too much, and stress is starting to knock at their office desk. 

Privacy pods are perhaps not as multifunctional as booths but they serve a very important function. In terms of increasing productivity and reducing mistakes, pods are a good choice. If you’re redesigning your office any time soon, or you want to look at new and innovative office furniture, privacy pods should definitely be on your shopping list. 

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