What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Bespoke Office Furniture?

Published on 18/10/2018

'You get what you pay for’, do you believe that to be true?

In a lot of cases, it is the truth. Think about it in a clothing situation. If you purchase a pair of jeans from a budget outlet, they’re likely to develop a hole after you’ve worn them a few times. On the other hand, if you purchase a higher quality pair of jeans, i.e. you spend more money on them; they’re likely to last you much longer. You might have spent less money on the cheaper pair at the time, but you would have had to replace them much faster. They might have looked lesser in quality too.

Can you see what we’re getting at?

It’s for this very reason that in many situations, bespoke office furniture is always a great investment for any office setting.

If you’re a new business, if you have a very small office and you’re building up your business, yes, you might have a point in choosing lower in cost furniture for the time being. However, as your business grows and you start to employ more people, have more clients and customers entering your premises, and as your requirements for working become more demanding, quality and longevity should be as high up on your list as cost is.

Whilst we need to ensure we’re not overspending, we also need to think about the future. If you’re still in need of some convincing, let’s explore why choosing bespoke, high quality office furniture, is always a great investment.

You Can Design Your Office Furniture Around Your Office Space

Not every office is a perfect square or rectangle. If you are renting a roof space, or you have an older office space, then it’s likely that the shape and features are going to be a little irregular. Standard furniture might not fit the bill here, because it simply doesn’t fit into the space properly, and leaves you with odd angles to work with. By choosing a bespoke desk, for example, you can design that piece of furniture to fit into your office perfectly, so you don’t have that wasted space, and you don’t have odd angles sticking out.

Think about it this way - wasted space is wasted capacity for productivity. You could fit another desk in there and have another member of staff to reduce workload on those you already have. We all know that productivity is money!

You Get Exactly What You Want

Aside from the actual shape of your office, you might have an idea in your head of how you want your office space to look. If this is the case, it can be difficult to find the right desks and other furniture, because it exists only in your mind, and not in a brochure!

Office furniture doesn’t have to be brown, or black, and you don’t have to opt for white office furniture if you don’t want to, although we have to admit that, it does look fantastic in the right setting. You can choose any colour you want, one which fits in with the ethos and feel of your business, and you can choose whatever material you want too. If you want to reap the benefits of wood office furniture, but you want to mix it with another modern style, you can do that! You can have whatever you want when you pay that little extra for the bespoke design.

Bespoke Office Furniture Could Increase Staff Morale and Productivity

Staff respond to many different things in terms of how hard they work, all down to how they feel. If you look towards bespoke office furniture, which is higher quality and better in design, it’s going to look the part. If you opt for a cheaper design, it might have flaws, it might not fit properly, it might not do the job it is supposed to as well as it could. This makes your employees’ jobs harder. By choosing office furniture, which does what it is supposed to do, and looks fantastic in the process, you’re showing your staff that you are investing in them.

Think about it - would you want to go to work every day if your desk was falling to pieces, the drawers didn’t work well, and your office chair kept slipping every time you tried to turn left? No, of course not! You’d become fed up and think that your boss didn’t care about how you felt at work, because they didn’t replace your workstation with a higher quality set up! This isn’t going to make you feel great, and you’re not going to feel inclined to go the extra mile.

On the other hand, if your workstation is designed to do the job perfectly, if your desk is comfortable and fits the contours of the office, your chair is perfectly designed, your storage units are within easy reach, and everything looks sleek and ‘the part’, then you’re going to be more inclined to want to work harder.

We’re all human, and we respond to feeling valued. If you can show your staff that you value the work they do, they’ll work harder for you, because their morale will be higher. Again, productivity means profits!

First Impressions Are Everything

At some point, you’re going to have visitors coming into the office; would you rather show them a sleek design, or a design, which has seen better days? We form our impression of a person or company within minutes. Everything we see first is what we use to form that opinion, and it’s very hard to shift and change a first impression, especially if what we see is negative.

Anyone who walks into your office, be it a prospective employee, a new client, a customer, or someone who you hope to do business with in the near future, should be impressed by what they see. Not only do they need to see that your staff are working hard, are friendly, polite, helpful and professional, but that the entire space is impressive too. 

Bespoke office furniture will look fantastic, and will impress anyone who comes into your space. It shows that you care about how your office looks, and that means you care about the product or service you’re supplying. If the person visiting your space is considering doing business with you versus a competitor of yours, you need to do everything you can to impress them in your direction. The way your office looks is a real benefit in your corner, if you can design it in a high quality way. It shows you have an identity, and that you’re not taking short cuts.

Of course, if they’re going into your conference room, you also need to extend your stylish appearance to the meeting room tables, as well as how comfortable the meeting room chairs are. It really does come down to the small details, and that can be enough to swing business your way, and not towards the direction of your competitors.

Your office Furniture Will Last Much Longer, Saving You Money Over Time

We mentioned the clothing analogy at the start of this chat, but it’s really one, which is worth reiterating. Choosing to invest in quality means that you are investing in the future of your office. When you buy bespoke furniture, it is built to last. No corners are cut, no shoddy materials are used, and everything is designed with your space in mind. Cheap furniture does not take this into account, and therefore it will not last as long.

It’s better to spend a little more on a quality piece of office furniture, and have it last you ten years, than to spend less on a cheaper model, and it only lasts for three years. After those three years, you have to buy it again, and then again another three years later. All of that money spent adds up to a greater amount over the years. Buying new office furniture is also a time-consuming exercise, and again, time is money!

Bespoke office furniture is an investment, in not only how your office looks right now, but also how long it stays looking great for. Go for a design, which will stand the test of time, and you, will not need to replace your furniture for a long time to come.

What is your take on spending more to get quality items? Is this something you practice in your personal life too? As an employee, would you prefer to go to an office that looked sleek and professional every day, versus one, which was falling to pieces and didn’t look great? Of course, you would!

Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts on this whole subject, as well as any suggestions you have for making a bespoke-designed office look tip-top!

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