What Are The Potential Dangers of Remote Working?

Published on 21/10/2019


We all know that flexible working is becoming more and more popular, and one of those methods is remote working.

Remote working is, by and large, a fantastic way to earn a living, however, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its downsides and potential pitfalls. We’ll call these ‘dangers’ however not in the usual sense. 

So, what are the dangers that are linked to remote working?

  • Problems with the Internet - If you can’t find a good online connection, you can’t work!
  • Feeling isolated - It’s very easy to miss the companionship of sitting next to someone at your office desks
  • Hardware issues - What if your laptop breaks whilst you’re travelling? It’s important to have a backup
  • Security - You need to ensure that all your equipment is insured for theft and accidental damage. You also need to make sure that your data is backed up
  • Ease of distraction - It’s very easy to become distracted if you’re travelling around and you have a beautiful beach a stone’s throw away! Remember, no work means no pay!

These are the main dangers you face when working remotely, but the good news is that they can all be overcome with a little pre-planning. Remote working is certainly a very beneficial option for many businesses, and more and more people are choosing to embrace it for themselves. 

What are your experiences with remote working?

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