What Colour is Best For a Dynamic Team Working Environment?

Published on 11/03/2019

Colours For a Dynamic Team Working

We hear so much about the importance of natural light and how colours affect mood, but did you know that it can also affect productivity and create the perfect environment for team working? Of course, it all hinges on you getting the decision right!

Check out this video for a visual take on how colour affects mood. 

Creating the perfect working environment isn’t only about high end office furniture, it’s about the way you arrange it and how you present your overall space. Green is not only a very calming colour, but also one which is known to boost creativity. In terms of collaboration and brainstorming, creativity is vital. Blue is also a colour for intellect and brain power, so this is another great colour to incorporate into your office space. Yellow is another one, and it is also associated with nature, as are the other two we’ve just mentioned. 

When you pair these types of colours with a contemporary office desk, the lot is seriously luxurious too! 

An office which is ideal for team working needs zones, space, and it also needs to be inspiring in terms of its appearance. Think about designer office cupboards for maximising the space you have, and possibly adding quiet and collaboration zones for even more productivity potential. Maybe it’s time for a total office renovation too? There are many benefits to this! 

What colours do you find inspiring? 


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