What Could New Talent Bring to Your Business?

Published on 08/05/2019

New talent in your business

Employees are the biggest asset of any business. Without your employees you are literally nothing, going nowhere, complete static, and about to fail. Nurturing your employees, encouraging them achieve their potential, and focusing on their health and wellness, will bring you great rewards. Despite that, it’s still a good idea to look to bring new talent into your business too. 

You might wonder why you should do this, if you already have highly trained, experienced, and loyal staff working for you, but nobody stays in a business forever, and encouraging new talent to sign on the dotted line and work for you will ensure business longevity, as well as a myriad of other benefits. 

Let's explore a few reasons why you should be looking to attract new talent to sit at your office desks

A Fresh Outlook And Approach

You may have been doing certain tasks a set way for a number of years, but does that mean that way is the only way? Of course not! New talent can bring a completely fresh approach to a task, perhaps a way that you may not have thought of. A new pair of eyes, seen from a different perspective, can introduce increased productivity. 

The problem is that if you have staff members who have been in post for a long time and then a new talent comes in, perhaps a millennial who is younger than them, and they start suggesting new ways of doing an old task, problems may occur. In this case, asking for opinions around the conference table on how to do a task will help, so nobody feels left out or overlooked. By doing this, you still get the fresh approach, but you’re not upsetting anyone in the process!

Brand New Ideas

A fresh pair of eyes brings new ideas and solutions, which you may not have thought of otherwise. Similar to how to do a task, a new member of staff doesn’t know your ways yet, and they aren’t rehearsed in everything to do with your business. This can be an advantage, because their ideas aren’t restricted by rules and regulations. This method of thinking outside the box can bring fantastic ideas for new products and services, as well as fresh ideas on how to solve a long-running problem. 


A Team Working Mindset

Without wishing to generalise, most millennials work well in team working environments. This is because of the rise in this kind of set up over the last few years, and they haven’t experienced the old fashioned booths from previously. Team working is fantastic for productivity, but also for increasing morale in general. Ensure you have enough collaborative office desks to encourage this type of environment and watch the ideas flow from not only your new member of staff, but your existing ones too; everyone needs a boost of newness occasionally!  

Pushes Everyone Out of Their Comfort Zone

It’s very easy to get comfortable and become stuck in a rut. This means that ideas are on static and everything becomes a little repetitive and hum-drum. By bringing in new talent, you’re shaking things up. You don’t want existing members of staff to feel threatened by a new arrival, but the idea of it could be enough to get them to perhaps try 1% harder. 

If you’re finding that nobody comes up with suggestions whilst you’re having team meetings around the oval boardroom tables, a small shake up such as this could be enough to push people to speak up. From there, the brain juices flow and everything is on the up!

Advanced Technological Skills

Technology has advanced at an alarming rate over the last few years, and most new employees, especially millennials, have grown up with computers and other devices. This means you’re getting advanced technological skills and ease of use from a new member of staff. Whilst you may have specialised software within your business, they’re likely to pick this up very quickly, therefore reducing the amount of time it takes to train them up. 

Employing new talent has no downside provided you ensure that nobody within your existing office begins to feel threatened. How you handle this situation is personal to the members of staff you have, and learning about their specific personality types will help you to calm any waters that may become a little rough.

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