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Let's Discuss - What Does The Office of The Future Look Like?

Published on 14/12/2018

Whenever we look into the future, we tend to do so with two different emotions - firstly, trepidation. What if robots really do take over our jobs (unlikely)? Secondly, perhaps with a little excitement. Change can be worrying, but it can also be a very positive thing too.

For instance, whilst nobody has a crystal ball, current trends suggest that the future office will be more technologically minded. This is nothing to be concerned about, as there is an extremely low chance of seeing R2 D2 sat at your office desk one morning! We’re talking more about the use of advanced office furniture, such as video walls, touch screens, and equipment, which makes video conferencing so much easier.

Tech isn’t going to take over the office, but it is going to compliment how it works and make everything easier and more productive. This isn’t something to fear, it’s something to embrace!

Office desks are likely to be more interactive too; streamlining the amount of clutter, you currently have collecting dust! The aim of being paperless is likely to be finally achieved, and as a result, productivity will be on the rise.

The future office looks like a streamlined, effective, and highly productive space, making use of advanced office furniture types which fit in with the particular type of work done in that area. Of course, this could all change within an instant; such is the quick development of new technology!

What do you think about the future office and the technology we’re likely to use? Drop us a line on Twitter and share your ideas.

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