What Elements Create Job Satisfaction

Published on 10/08/2019

Enjoying your work is a vital part of happiness. We spend a huge amount of time in the office setting, so it stands to reason that if you enjoy the work you do, you’re going to have a happier life in general. 

There are many elements which combine together to form job satisfaction, but there are also a surprising number of people walking around with a total lack of job satisfaction too. This creates negative energy, low morale, and basically makes life rather difficult to deal with. Whether you’re sitting on the most all singing, all dancing designer office chairs or not, work is not going to be something you relish. 

Check out this video for a clearer taken on what job satisfaction is.

As you can see, at its very core, job satisfaction is actually a feeling and an attitude, but it is affected by a wide range of factors. When more negative factors are in place than positive ones, job satisfaction is sadly lacking. On the other hand, when several factors migrate together, job satisfaction is on the rise. 

Let’s explore what elements combine to create job satisfaction and how you can look to increase each one. 

  • A Clear Job Role - Ensuring that all your employees know what their role is, including their daily responsibilities will ensure that job satisfaction is far more likely. A total lack of clarity can cause confusion and upset within an office environment, and nobody can enjoy a job which they don’t understand!
  • A Comfortable Working Environment - Ensuring that you give your staff a comfortable working environment they deserve is vital. This means looking into office design which creates an innovative and creative feel, as well as high end office desks for comfort and ease of working.
  • Opportunities For Career Progression And Growth - Employees need to know that they are working towards bettering themselves in the future in terms of their career, and offering regular training courses to develop skills and knowledge is vital. 
  • Positive Working Relationships - Having positive working relationships with colleagues makes life easier and more enjoyable whilst sat at office desks. As a manager, you need to help diffuse conflicts and ensure a total lack of office politics, in order to ensure that colleagues have strong and positive working ties. 
  • Quality Management - One of the biggest reasons for employees leaving a job is that they don’t feel supported or have any faith in their manager. Poor management can be a huge barrier to success, so ensure that your management techniques are supportive, forward-thinking, and high quality. 
  • Feeling Valued And Appreciated - Allowing staff to contribute to discussions around the boardroom chairs, and asking for opinions is a vital part of boosting morale and job satisfaction as a whole. Everyone wants to feel valued and appreciated, including in their working environment. When employees feel like they are nothing but a number, they’re not going to enjoy what they do and job satisfaction will be nothing but a pipe dream. 

These six elements are the main facets of job satisfaction. However, it’s worth remembering that everyone is an individual and there might be another element which is important to a specific person. For instance, one employee may feel that having access to fresh air on a regular basis is part and parcel of their job satisfaction puzzle. Another member of staff might need active working opportunities to help them feel more satisfied in the work. 

It’s a good idea to have regular catch ups with your employees and find out what they would like to see more of in the office environment. By doing that, you can find out new ideas which may work for everyone, and you allow your staff to feel listened to and valued as a result. All of this works to increase morale and job satisfaction for individuals 

There is no downside!

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