What if Home Working Isn't For You?

Published on 21/11/2020


The world isn’t made up of one size fits all options. That means that one way of working might suit several people in your contemporary office, but not work out well for you at all. Home working is one of those things.

For many people, work from home revolutionises their life for the better. It helps them to achieve a better home and work-life balance and it creates a sense of working happiness which allows them to be more productive in general. However, for some people it turns out to be a working method which does nothing but cause extra chaos and leads to stress. 

The fact that there is no right and wrong answer here means that if you try home working and it simply doesn’t seem to fit with you, there’s no failing here. However, it is worth looking into some working from home tips and trying a few different ways because it may just be that you need to tweak a few things here and there. 

For instance, you might find that you feel isolated and you prefer to be around other people. It’s normal when you’ve been working in a large open plan office to suddenly feel out of sorts when you choose to work from home. You’re used to several office desks around you and plenty of chatter and when you’re home, there’s just you. However, you might be someone who prefers that set up. 

In addition, you might find it hard to motivate yourself or to side-step interruptions that may come your way. These are very common issues with working from home, but they can also be managed too. Planning your working day out and using time management methods helps you to reach the targets you need to reach without falling foul of every distraction that comes your way.

The problem we have at the moment is that many offices have asked their employees to work from home whilst we try and overcome the COVID-19 pandemic. That means office workers who never even thought about working from a home office before are finding themselves having to try. 

Check out this interesting video which talks about whether or not working from home is about to become the new normal.

If you try working from home for a short while and you find that it just isn’t for you, the best advice is to try and persevere. Many people who love to work from home struggled at first. It’s not a situation that most people simply slot into and if you do, that means you’re lucky! 

For now, it could be that you need to do your best and wait for the COVID situation to pass. Then, you can return to working with your colleagues, around the modern boardroom tables. However, for those who find working from home to be a better fit, this could turn out to be your very own new normal after all. 

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