What is a ‘Touchdown Area’?

Published on 10/06/2019

Touchdown space

Have you heard of a ‘touchdown area’? No, this has nothing to do with American Football, and has everything to do with the latest addition to the office design party.

Within a new agile working environment there are likely to be many different zones, and the newest is the touchdown area. This is a space which is designed to be used for short bursts of time only, usually no more than around an hour. For that reason, the touchdown area is mostly used by remote and flexible workers who are calling into the office to catch up or hand in work. It can also be used for meeting debriefs or quick catch ups, as well as checking emails. 

Usually it's an open-plan concept, furnished with stand height tables, stools; it's located away, or to one side of the main office space. The touchdown area is a quick check in spot, not designed for long meetings, and perfect for sharing ideas, quick chats, when you don’t want to disturb anyone in the office space. You could also use this area as a back-up breakout space when nobody else is using it. 

A few useful furniture ideas include a small boardroom table with cable management for charging devices, and trendy office desks with a quirky design. 

Does your office have a touchdown area?


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