What is Active Seating?

Published on 05/03/2019

Active seating - active chair

You might be reading that question and nodding along, exactly what on Earth is active seating? How can you be active whilst sat down? 

Well, it turns out that you can, and it’s actually very good for you and your productivity levels! Most office space planners these days will tell you that active seating is something most offices are trying to incorporate, because not only does it boost wellbeing of employees, but it boosts concentration indirectly too! 

There are two ways to be active whilst working, either thinking about standing up or using a treadmill desk, or opting for a type of seat which gives you freedom to move around whilst you’re working. These can be balance chairs, wobble stools, or saddle chairs, to name just a few. The idea is that you aren’t sedentary, stuck in one position, and you’re moving your body around, giving everything a good stretch and boosting circulation at the same time. Pair this with an ultra modern desk, and you have the healthy office of the future!

Check out this video for a more visual take on what active seating looks like. 

If you can incorporate other productivity hacks into your space, e.g. breakout areas for collaboration and booth seating for quieter work, you’ll find your office space is not only a hotbed of new ideas, but a place where your staff can be active and healthy at the same time. 

Have you tried active seating before? 


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